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The Union County Ohio Drug Free Coalition is dedicated to creating a healthy community where adults and youth can become empowered to live substance-free lives. The resources that you will find on these pages provide value-added information in making that happen. With your help, together we can all make a positive difference.

Relevant conversations with local community leaders empowering teens to live drug-free lives.

UC Talks provides parents and caregivers with tools and techniques to help build strong children and have real conversations about drugs, alcohol, mental health, and suicide.

Evidence-Based Prevention Education Programs

The Prevention Awareness Support Services and all three school districts collaborate to bring prevention education programs to students across the county. 

PASS also has prevention programs that are helpful to parents and adult and even senior citizens.

The staff of The Drug Free Coalition of Union County is happy to set up a prevention program for your business, church, or organization.  We have information that is helpful for work, home, and community environments.

Alcohol Safety

The Union County Drug Free Coalition works with area businesses and community leaders to provide alcohol server training, and encourage unified policies and strategies to limit high-risk drinking or access to those under 21.

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PAX Tools Is...

Strategies to improve cooperation and self-regulation with youth. Parents and caregivers will learn 9 strategies to use in working with children to motivate cooperation and build strong relationships.

Behavior Management
Additional Trusted Resources

For More Tools, contact Nancy Beals, Union County Drug Free Coalition:

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